Sloping Block Designs

Sloping blocks of land are becoming more and more popular for a couple of reasons:

  1. There is Only So Much Flat Land in an Area
    Unless you live in an area that is completely flat, there will come a time where all the level land has already been developed and all that is left is blocks of land that have a varying degree of slope (from a couple of degrees to the ‘drop off the side of the cliff’ style).
  2. Sloping Blocks are Cheaper
    With the economy the way that it is, you can understand that people are trying to build their house for as little as possible. As sloping blocks are harder to build on, and few big builders will touch them, these blocks of land usually sell for a significant discount to a comparable flat block of the same size.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a House Design for a Sloping Block

Before you use the above excuses to go and buy a block of land with a very visible slope, there are a few things you need to think about.

  • There Will Be a More Expensive Build Price
    Houses built on a slope are known to be built at a premium to a comparable house on a flat parcel of land. This is because of all the additional costs created by the decline (or incline). Things such as earthworks, steel or timber posts, additional engineering costs are just a few of the extras you will need to budget in.
  • Less Builders Will Build on Them
    Add to this the fact that most of the large state-wide and national house builders will not touch a sloping block. This is because they usually have their system refined down in a such a way for regular flat blocks, that changing their system to suit a single pole home would make the build more expensive – so they just stick to flat blocks.
  • Sloping Block Plans Can Be Hard To Find
    The final thing to keep in mind is that sloping block house designs can be quite hard to come across. This is because the majority of houses have typically been built on a level area, so that is what the designers have developed concept plans for.

What Designs Are Best Suited To Sloping Blocks of Land?

Not all house plans are created equal. And some styles are perfectly suited to narrow blocks, while others are better suited to large acreages. And while some work great on a flat block – others are ideal on a block that has some slope. Here are some house styles that are best suited to sloping land.

  • Pole Homes
    Obviously this is where people first look when their block of land has a slope. A Pole home design is perfect as it can create a level platform for your house and a lot of regular house designs can be modified to suit the change from slab to pole home.
  • Queenslanders
    Queenslanders are well known for their big verandahs and high pitched roofs, but another thing that almost all ‘Queenslander’ house designs have is a raised timber floor. This may be anywhere from 1foot of the ground to a full pole home with parking and storage underneath. The purpose is to promote good airflow, but it also means that they are excellent for sloping blocks!
  • Split-Level Designs
    And now for the most common option in new housing estates – the split level home. This is where the design works with the slope to create multiple levels to the house layout, usually with a couple of steps